Book a Meeting Room

As a service to the community, the library provides meeting spaces for educational, civic, and community meetings that are open to the public.

For all library branches, meeting rooms are available during regular library operating hours. After-hours use is available at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell, St. Stephens, and Southwest Branches. Use must not disrupt or interfere with the use of the library by others.

Meeting rooms are available for non-profit educational, civic, cultural and other charitable community uses open to the public. Rooms are not available for social functions of any kind, for religious or political activities, for any activity that would tend to incite or produce imminent lawless or disruptive action, or any activity that is obscene or defamatory, promotes false or misleading information, or is commercial in nature. Catawba County staff reserves the right to make this determination.

Permission to use library meeting space does not constitute an endorsement by the library of that user’s or group’s activities or beliefs. Any advertisement for activities held in the library must clearly identify the sponsor by name, provide a contact phone number, and include the following statement: “This program is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Catawba County Library or Catawba County Government.” No signs, banners, or flyers may be affixed to library property except the community message board / bulletin board, if available.

Meeting room users are responsible for room setup and for any supplies or equipment needed for their meeting purposes, including technology or audiovisual equipment.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the meeting room is cleared prior to library closing time and is left in a clean and orderly condition, and for all costs incurred by the County for cleaning or repair of damages .

Smoking or use of tobacco products and/or electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all Catawba County facilities and grounds. With the exception of service animals, no animals are to be brought into library meeting rooms, and no hazardous materials or open flames are allowed.

Light refreshments, excluding alcohol (which is prohibited), may be served in meeting rooms.

The library may need to cancel meetings due to library-sponsored programs, or unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, and reserves the right to do so.

When meeting rooms are not in use by the Library or by Catawba County Government, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis to individuals, groups, and organizations as specified in this document, and with a completed application.

Reservations must be requested at least three days in advance of the meeting date in order to ensure time for confirmation. Reservations can be requested by residents of Catawba County who are 18 or over. The person making the reservation must be in attendance at the meeting or event and is responsible for ensuring adherence to meeting room policy and that the room is left in a clean and orderly condition.

Reservations can generally be made up to 90 days (three months) in advance of a meeting or event. One reservation per month may be made for recurring meetings, in order to allow for equal access and availability.

Room requests must be accompanied by a completed application. A reservation with application can be made in person or online.

Upon accepting the policy and signing the Catawba County Library System Application for Meeting Room Use, the person making the reservation assumes personal responsibility for: the conduct and behavior of persons attending the meeting, and payment for any damage to library property resulting from the meeting.

Meeting room may be used after normal library hours, between 9am – 10pm, Monday-Saturday and 1-10 pm on Sunday.

The applicant will receive instructions for accessing and securing the space and must ensure the space is secured after use as instructed.

A deposit of $100 in the form of cash, check or credit card is required for after-hours use, which will be refunded on the next business day with confirmation of secured, clean and orderly space without damages.

  • Main Library, Newton: 120
  • Sherrills Ford-Terrell: 80
  • St. Stephens: 89
  • Southwest: 80