Working Here.

Catawba County offers an abundance of career opportunities. Whether you’re just getting your career started or looking to become the next CEO, our diverse range of employers offer a variety of options to meet your career goals. This includes part-time and full-time opportunities that match all levels of education and experience.

Industrious Soul.

Catawba County makes things. Known for decades as a leader in crafting furniture and textiles, our manufacturing base has become as diverse and unique as the community around it.


Craftsmanship is synonymous with Catawba County. What started as a maker’s hub for furniture and textiles quickly evolved into a region known for a variety of artists and craftsmen whose distinctive work reflects our community character.

Work-Ready Skills.

“There’s less than half a dozen workforce development and apprenticeship programs in the state that begin to compare to what Catawba County has.” – State Education Leader

Farming Tradition.

Catawba County has a rich farming history, including dairy operations that achieved national fame for their innovation and production. Today, Catawba County’s farming industry remains a significant contributor to our local economy. Farm operations range from independent family farms to agribusinesses yielding both produce and livestock.

Driving Growth.

Thinking about locating your business in Catawba County? You’re in good company. Every year, businesses from a variety of industries choose Catawba County as the place to relocate, expand, and tap our skilled workforce.

Start something here.

“I think there is an abundance of opportunity there and especially in the realm of starting things for yourself. Catawba County is full of craftsmen and creators. You can do things there.” - State Economic Development Leader

Building Communities

A great place to live rests on a strong foundation – and in Catawba County’s case, that means laying a foundation for smart community growth.