Who we are.

Catawba County is ideal for those who have a sense of adventure and a heart for hard work: for people with a passion for making something of themselves, their community, and the future. We are actively crafting a living and a life rich in both tradition and promise.

Making a difference.

“I decided as I was growing up that I could either leave Catawba County or stay here and make a difference. I have stayed here to try to make a positive impact on this place.” – Catawba County Resident


In Catawba County, the desire to help others is something everyone has in common. Volunteerism thrives in Catawba County, where there are countless opportunities to get involved and be directly engaged in helping make life better in our community.

Collaborative spirit.

“I think what’s most vital to Catawba County’s identity is that collaborative spirit. It is woven into all walks of life there.” – State Economic Development Leader


“The revitalization and historic nature of the place is pretty impressive.” – State Tourism Leader

Gaining momentum.

In 2016, the Catawba County Board of Commissioners embarked on a collaborative strategic planning process to proactively drive local economic and population growth through job creation and enhanced quality of life.