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The Catawba County Board of Elections

is committed to efficiently conducting fair, honest, and impartial elections so that all qualified Catawba County citizens may exercise their right to vote.

The office conducts local elections, operates voting sites, maintains voter registration lists and handles numerous aspects of election administration. The Catawba County Board of Elections works in conjunction with the State Board of Elections office to ensure that elections are conducted lawfully and fairly.

11/4/2021 - The NC General Assembly approved US Congressional, NC Senate, and NC House Districts maps

Catawba County - 12th US Congressional District

2021 US Congressional Map

(Click for Full PDF map)

Catawba County - 45th NC Senate District

2021 NC Senate Map

(Click for Full PDF map)

Catawba County - NC House 89th & 96th Districts

2021 NC House Map

(Click for Full PDF map)

2021 Long View Wards2021 Hickory Wards
Detailed maps will be posted once created.

Town of Long View adopted new ward district lines in late October. Hickory City Council adopted new ward maps in early November. Registered voters in Hickory and Long View who are now in a different municipal ward should have received updated registration cards indicating their new municipal ward by Thanksgiving.

To check your jurisdictions, search for your name using the State's Voter Search tool Voter Search

Once your record is pulled up, scroll down to the "Your Jurisdictions" section (see example below).

Search Organized Campaign Committee Reports

Voter Registration

Check Your Registration verify registration information

Register to Vote* for new voters and anyone moving to a different county the NC DMV website is the preferred way to register

Update Registration* use for changes to: name, address, mailing address, party affiliation [the NC DMV Portal is the preferred way to make changes]

*If you are not a NC DMV customer or do not wish to register online, print and sign a Voter Registration Form [Spanish Version]

New voters and new residents to the county (if not using the DMV Portal) are required to submit an original signed Voter Registration Form.
Current registered voters may submit changes using the DMV Portal or by email, fax or mail. Printed forms must include image of actual signature (computer fonts are not acceptable). Mail to: Board of Elections, PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658

See VIDEO on Registering to Vote in NC

Partisan Election Candiate Filing | Non-Partisan Long View and Hickory Municipal Candidate Filing

  • FILING PERIOD - noon, Monday, Dec 6, 2021 to noon, Friday, Dec 17, 2021

2022 Primary (including Hickory and Long View municipal elections)

  • Feb 11 – Books Close. Voter’s last day to change party affiliation, and to register to vote on election day or by mail
    NO party changes are allowed after the Feb 11th deadline
    Check Your Registration Verify your information is up to date. If not, submit a new registration form before the deadline
  • Feb 17 – One-Stop Early Voting Begins
  • Mar 1 – Last day to request and Absentee-by-Mail ballot (no ballots will be mailed out after this date)
  • Mar 5 – One-Stop Early Voting Ends
  • Mar 8 – Primary Election Day
  • Mar 18 – Canvass

Second Primary (if needed)

1. If NO FEDERAL RACE in a runoff anywhere in NC:

  • Apr 7 – One-Stop Early Voting Begins
  • Apr 23 – One-Stop Early Voting Ends
  • Apr 26 – 2nd Primary Election Day
  • May 6 – Canvass


2. If FEDERAL RACE in a runoff anywhere in NC

  • Apr 28 – One-Stop Early Voting Begins
  • May 14 – One-Stop Early Voting Ends
  • May 17 – 2nd Primary Election Day
  • May 27 – Canvass

Non-Partisan Candidate Filing

  • Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors (2 Seats)
    SOIL AND WATER FILING PERIOD - noon, Monday, Jun 13, 2022 to noon, Friday, Jul 1, 2022
  • Catawba County School Board (4 Seats) [only for residents in the County School District]
    SCHOOL FILING PERIOD - noon, Monday, Jun 6, 2022 to noon, Friday, Jul 1, 2022

2022 General Election

  • Oct 14 – Books Close. Voter’s last day to register to vote on election day or by mail
  • Oct 20 – One-Stop Early Voting Begins
  • Nov 1 – Last day to request and Absentee-by-Mail ballot (no ballots will be mailed out after this date)
  • Nov 5 – One-Stop Early Voting Ends
  • Nov 8 – Election Day
  • Nov 18 – Canvass

    Your Sample Ballot

    Sample ballots for the March Primary should be available sometime in January 2022.

    To view your sample ballot, Check Your Registration and scroll down to Sample Ballot section. (see example below)

    Under Your Sample Ballot(s), Unaffiliated voters will see multiple selections, you will only be able to choose one of them when appear to vote.


    Check Your Registration - Use this tool to check if you are registered. If any information needs changing, complete another voter registration form.


    Online registration applications are available for NCDMV customers for free. This service is offered through a partnership between the NC Division of Motor Vehicles and the NC State Board of Elections​. ​

    On this site, you will be able to:

    • Register to vote (Note: if you move to a new county, you must re-register)
    • Update physical address
    • Update mailing address
    • Update party affiliation

    DEADLINE: Registration applications submitted less than 25 days before an election will not be processed until after the election.

    Go To NCDMV online voter registration application

    If you are not an NCDMV customer, you may:

    Catawba County residents may mail these to: Board of Elections, PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658
    (multiple registrations may be enclosed in the same envelope)

    If you received a Voter Card (or other type of mail from us) for someone that does not live at that address, please write on the mailing: "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS," and put a line through the barcode if there is one below the address. Place back in your mailbox for the postal service to return to us.
    No postage is necessary.

    You may later receive another card from us for this person; please return it, also. Once we receive two returned voter cards, the voter's status will be either "denied" or "inactive" (if inactive, they will have to verbally verify their address if they come to vote). By law, in order for us to remove the voter from your address, we need their signature, or notification from another county or state that they have registered to vote elsewhere. A person may remove themselves by completing a Request to Cancel Voter Registration.

    Is the person deceased? We need a signed Notice of Deceased Voter form completed by a near relative in order to remove their name.

    Thank you for helping us keep the registration rolls accurate.

    Update on Photo ID

    Currently, photo ID is not required to vote in NC.

    • This page will be updated as new information becomes available from the State Board of Elections.
    • More information on Voter Photo ID requirements is available on the State BOE website: Phone: (919) 814-0744.

    2022 Primary UOCAVA Notice