Voting Equipment

Catawba County uses the following voting equipment

DS-300 paper ballot tabulator
(Vendor: ES&S)

Voters place their marked ballots into the DS-300 Tabulator
to officially cast their ballots.

Will accept both pre-printed paper ballots and
narrow ExpressVote printed ballot cards.

Used at both Early Voting and on Election Day.

ExpressVote paper ballot printer
(Vendor: ES&S)

Voter uses the touch-screen to make their selections.
When finished, the ExpressVote prints the selections onto a paper ballot.
The Voter inserts the ballot into the tabulator to cast their votes.

Early Voting: used by all voters inside and at curbside

Election Day: optionally used as ADA compliant ballot marking device and
for some Provisional voters that are not at the correct polling location.

At Early Voting

  • Ballot Type Issued: ExpressVote paper ballot card
  • Tabulator: DS-300 paper ballot tabulator

Voting Process:

  1. A blank ballot card is inserted into the ExpressVote
  2. The voter uses the touch-screen to make their selections
  3. After the voter reviews their selections, the ballot card is printed
  4. Voter reviews the ballot assuring their selections are printed
  5. Voter takes the printed ballot card to the tabulator to cast their votes

At the Polls on Election Day

  • Ballot Type Issued: pre-printed paper ballots, ExpressVote paper ballot for ADA compliant voting
  • Tabulator: DS-300 paper ballot tabulator

Election Day Voting Process:

  1. A pre-printed ballot is given to the voter
  2. Using a pen, the voter colors in a circle beside their selections
  3. Voter reviews their selections
  4. Voter takes the completed ballot to the tabulator to cast their ballot