Campaign Finance Reports

Search below for campaign finance reports filed with Catawba County Board of Elections.

Notes on campaign reports:

  • INACTIVE status means the committee is open but is not actively receiving contributions nor expending money.
  • Committees certifying their intent to stay under the $1,000 threshold are not required to file disclosure reports.
  • Committees raising or spending in excess of $10,000 are required to file electronically with the State Board.
    Detailed documents for these committees are found via the NCSBE website. A link is provided for these committees.

An open committee (active or inactive) does not require the candidate to file for office for any specific election year.

Printable list of Current Active Committees

SBOE Reports - Search reports filed with North Carolina State Board of Elections

Campaign Finance Complaint Form - Use to report a complaint about a campaign finance violation to the State Board of Elections

Independent Expenditures - Expenditures made to support or oppose candidates without candidate cooperation

Information for Candidates/Treasurers

Campaign Finance Guide - A guide for ensuring compliance

Reporting Forms - Main Page - State Board of Elections

Download Disclosure Forms - State Board of Elections

VIDEO: Completing a 35-day Disclosure Report (Video by Brunswick County Board of Elections)

FAQ for Campaign Committees