Registered Voters

Catawba Co VotersNorth Carolina Voters
Democratic21,7812,481,205Catawba County
Green*393,904159,551 (2019)
Constitution*745,211North Carolina
___________________10.49 million (2019)
Total Voters105,4277,040,523
Updated Jan 31, 2021


  • The Green Party was first recognized by the State of North Carolina on 3/27/2018.
  • The Constitution Party was first reocognized by the State of North Carolina on 6/6/2018.

Registered Voter Statistics (Updated Feb 1, 2021)

Current Voter Registration Data

Registration Data The State Board posts registration data for all 100 counties. The zipped TXT files are updated weekly on Saturday mornings.

Once unzipped, the data may be imported into MS Excel, MS Access and other database programs. This data contains Active, Inactive, Temporary, Denied, and Removed voters. Note: be sure to filter out the denied and removed voters if compiling a list of eligible voters. See file layout for full list of variables.

On election day after polls close at 7:30pm, election results from Catawba County begin uploading to the state’s Election Results page.
The first numbers to post are Absentee Ballots by Mail and One-Stop Early Voting Ballots.

NCSBE Election Results

Catawba County Results

The State Board of Elections has Online Interactive Results (2002 – Present) and Downloadable Results (1992 – Present).