Registered Voters

Catawba Co VotersNorth Carolina Voters
Democratic22,5872,531,992Catawba County
Green*222,382159,551 (2019)
Constitution*523,501North Carolina
___________________10.49 million (2019)
Total Voters103,6327,004,459
Updated Jul 10, 2020

The Green Party was first recognized by the State of North Carolina on 3/27/2018.
The Constitution Party was first reocognized by the State of North Carolina on 6/6/2018.

Registered Voter Statistics (Updated July 13, 2020)

For a downloadable list of registered Catawba County voters, contact us with your Information Request at Ask for a link to the voter list.

Search statewide statistics at the NC State Board of Elections website.

On election day after polls close at 7:30pm, election results from Catawba County begin uploading to the state’s Election Results page.
The first numbers to post are Absentee Ballots by Mail and One-Stop Early Voting Ballots.

NCSBE Election Results

Catawba County Results

The State Board of Elections has Online Interactive Results (2002 – Present) and Downloadable Results (1992 – Present).