eRecording (Electronic Recording)

The Catawba County Register of Deeds accepts all documents except maps for electronic recording (eRecording). Electronic recording is efficient and allows for a better use of public and private resources and time; it is a streamline for a quick turnaround and document security which is in general a great benefit to our customers.

Financial institutions, law firms, paralegals, realtors, other businesses involved with real estate transactions, and the public achieve benefits from electronic recording by reducing the everyday manual process traditionally required in recording documents.

According to NCGS §47-14(a1) in order to record real property documents by electronic means, the submitter would need to complete a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) provided by our authorized eRecording providers.

  • Simplifile - Contact them at 800-460-5657
  • CSC - eRecording Support at 866-652-0111