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The Uniform Patrol Division is divided into four platoons including a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division that provides 24 hours of law enforcement service seven days a week for the residents of Catawba County. The Uniform Patrol Division and the Reserve Division is comprised of 58 assigned patrol officers. These assigned deputies patrol a 413 square mile area of Catawba County with an approximate estimate of 157,974 citizens and have responded to 111,201 calls for service for the year.

Uniform Patrol responds to any and all calls for service such as murders, rapes, robberies, as well as any other violation of criminal code, federal statutes, complete written reports, serve both criminal and civil papers and conduct property checks.

Keep Check

The Uniform Patrol Division can assist you with security of your residence or your business while you are away through its Keep Check program. If you would like to request this free service, please submit our online application.


Captain Pete Lutz is the commander of the Patrol Division and he may be reached at 828-465-8302 or by email