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Remember to Recycle Used Cooking Oil this Holiday Season

Remember to Recycle Used Cooking Oil this Holiday Season

Published: November 14, 2023

As you prepare to fry this year’s Thanksgiving turkey, Catawba County Utilities & Engineering encourages you to recycle your used cooking oil afterwards through Catawba County’s cooking oil recycling program. The program recycles used cooking oil and grease into clean-burning, locally-made biodiesel fuel.

“Cooking oil should never be poured down the drain as it turns solid in the pipes and can cause major clogs and issues,” said Ariel Kanupp, Catawba County recycling coordinator. “Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by disposing of your oil safely instead of clogging the sewers this holiday season.”

To recycle used cooking oil, allow leftover oil to cool before pouring it into a jar with a lid. Take it to one of the following locations during operating hours and carefully pour it into the appropriate recycling bin:

  • Rocky Ford Rd Convenience Center – 3864 Rocky Ford Rd, Newton | Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
  • Bethany Church Rd Convenience Center – 2436 Bethany Church Rd, Newton | Tues-Sat 10am-6pm
  • Cooksville Convenience Center – 3659 Rhoney Farm Rd, Vale | Fri & Sat 8am-6pm
  • Oxford Convenience Center – 4637 Lookout Dam Rd, Catawba | Wed-Sat 10am-6pm
  • City of Newton Public Works - 210 N Ash Ave location | available 24/7

Available year-round, the County’s cooking oil recycling program is free of charge to Catawba County residents and is open to residents of Catawba County only. No business waste is accepted. 

“Used cooking oil is the most environmentally sustainable raw material for biodiesel production,” said Kanupp. “Recycling it is a much better alternative to disposal, because the fuel it creates is environmentally friendly and can be used in any diesel engine. Recycling this cooking byproduct is not only good for the environment, it’s incredibly easy thanks to the 5 locations made available in our County.”

For more information about the County’s cooking oil recycling program or recycling in general, call Catawba County Utilities & Engineering at 828-465-8217 or visit