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Learn About Pollinators and the Gardens That Help Them Thrive

Learn About Pollinators and the Gardens That Help Them Thrive

Published: May 13, 2021

Do you love seeing the landscape brighten with blooms each spring? Do you enjoy keeping a garden of your own? Are you concerned about the decreasing population of beneficial insects?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ you’ll want to attend the Catawba County Library’s virtual program on pollinator gardens. Entitled ‘Butterflies & Blooms,’ it will underscore the importance of pollinators and talk about how to attract them with plants they find appealing.

The program takes place at 4 pm on Monday, May 17. Register to attend at or by calling 828.465.8664.

Guest presenter Samantha Derr will define what a pollinator is (not just insects!) and explain how pollinators do the essential work of helping plants thrive and produce. She’ll also explain how you can create a beautiful and useful pollinator garden in your yard, even if you have limited space.

You’ll learn why pollinator gardens can be a jumping-off point for developing a healthier ecosystem, not only on your property but in the community at large. Getting the neighborhood involved can expand the scope of your efforts and beautify the local environment too. Even on a small scale, providing a haven for a few pollinators can have a powerful effect on the world.

Prior to the session, jot down any questions you’d like to have answered: How do pollinators get nutrients? Where do they find shelter? Do they need water? What seasons are they most active? The more you know about these fascinating creatures, the more you can support their earth-friendly work and see how it affects our own lives and well-being.