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Come Out for a Kennel Club Meet & Greet

Come Out for a Kennel Club Meet & Greet

Published: June 17, 2021

Do your kids long for a puppy? Do they constantly float the idea of getting a dog as a childhood companion?

If you’d like to give them a chance to interact with dogs and get a feel for different dog personalities, join us for our upcoming Kennel Club Meet & Greet. The fun, informative session takes place at 9:30 am on Saturday, June 19 in the community garden of the Main Library in Newton.

Kennel Club members will bring a variety of dog visitors, and attendees can find out what makes each breed unique, what their special characteristics are, and what all dogs need to be healthy, happy pets.

You’ll give the kids a chance to enjoy the dogs without commitment, and you can also get a sense of what breed might be a good fit for your family (if you’re so inclined!). More than that, though, we can guarantee that there will be plenty of free doggie kisses to satisfy everyone!