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Celebration of Nations 2019

Celebration of Nations 2019

Published: August 28, 2019

Catawba County boasts an incredible variety of people and influences, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Catawba Valley Community College takes the opportunity annually to highlight the richness of our local melting pot.

Amid the performers, booths, attractions, and food trucks set up on the campus’s front lawn along Highway 70 will be the Library to Go. The mobile vehicle will include an array of popular library resources – technology, books and videos for check-out, and free Internet access – but it will also feature a display of international books, a map highlighting our global origins, examples of native dress from various countries, and a special craft involving book pages and flags from around the world.

Other activities at the Celebration of Nations will include a photo booth, a piñata craft, Native American dream catchers, artwork, and a terrific assortment of dancers and musicians. The event always gets a great turnout, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for school students to enjoy a lesson that showcases the world around us in an exciting, experiential way. Plus, the food is terrific!

To get a feel for the diversity of people and cultures that are proud to call Catawba County ‘home,’ make sure to come immerse yourself in the music and the spectacle. The festival takes place from 10 am till 2 pm on Saturday, September 7. It’s a free event and is supported by BB&T.