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Catawba County 101

Published: June 04, 2024

MAKING. LIVING. BETTER: Information Technology & Geospatial Systems

What is its mission/purpose?
Information Technology and Geospatial Systems strives to provide reliable, responsive, value-added solutions while ensuring system availability, integrity, and security through exceptional customer service, partnerships, and leveraging of resources that transform services and promote business process improvement and economic benefit.

How do you achieve your mission – what services are offered? 
Information technology consists of: infrastructure, application development, customer support, geospatial information systems and land records mapping.

We achieve our mission by providing, maintaining, and securing the technology that supports the County and its various lines of business/departments. As a whole, we provide the tools, information, and overarching technical support that ensures effective and efficient provision of services across the County, to our municipal partners, and ultimately to our citizens.
Who does this department/service area/program serve? 
Information Technology is the central hub for data transactions, storage, dissemination, and security. Our services and tools are used daily by all departments, staff, and citizens – from the PC and phone, to business applications and email, to the intranet and internet. Although we provide some direct services to the citizen, much of our work is in the background – building and maintaining technology that ensures efficient workflow and services to our citizens.  

Although staff see our work supporting departmental technology such as business applications (PeopleSoft, MS Office, etc..) and communication tools (phones, email, etc..), citizens tend to see our work through the use of our various websites, public data sets, and tools that support the work of the 911 center, EMS, law enforcement, Social Services, Public Health, and tax to name just a few. 

How and where are services delivered?
Services are delivered through a variety of means – we build, maintain and support the infrastructure for both hardwired and wireless technology. We also support all technology devices from phones and tablets to laptops and PCs. Through the use of web applications and secured portals, the County provides (to those who need it) anywhere/ anytime access to systems and associated data.

How many staff members are involved in delivering services?
Technology has 34 staff located in five buildings throughout the county.

How does our community and/or organization benefit from these services?
Technology is the glue that keeps the organization together, allowing it to communicate effectively, and provide valuable information to the citizen whenever and wherever needed. Without technology the organization would be much less efficient, reliable, valuable, and responsive to our staff and citizens.

Please share anything unique or interesting about this program you would want people to know. 
We block hundreds of thousands of potentially malicious emails every year.