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Catawba County 101

Catawba County 101

Published: April 01, 2024

MAKING. LIVING. BETTER: tax department (Revaluation, Business & Personal Listings, Collections)

What is its mission/purpose?
The Catawba County Tax Department is committed to serving the citizens of Catawba County by providing excellent customer service, and by having an educated staff to assist citizens and property owners with the statutory provisions set forth by the North Carolina Legislature.

How do you achieve your mission – what services are offered? 
The Catawba County Tax Office has defined procedures that are followed in each division.  There are multiple processes in each division that effect each other.  The procedures are critical to insure all statutory applications are processed correctly and customer service opportunities are handled effectively.  

The team has the responsibility of valuing all property fair and equitable for tax purposes and collecting property tax according to North Carolina General Statute.  This responsibility is not taken lightly by our team.   

Who does this department/service area/program serve? 
Catawba County Tax Administration serves all citizens and those who own real or personal property in Catawba County. All forms and bills can be found on our county website. Citizens can also call our main office and our switchboard/receptionist can ensure they are connected to the appropriate department. Tax Administration also strives to breakdown language barriers by having bilingual staff and or services to assist. 

How and where are services delivered?
Catawba County Tax Administration strives to meet the need where it is.  Services are provided in most forms to meet the true need of the individual or entity.  Staff can be reached by phone, email or in person.  By appointment, staff will meet the need outside of the office.

How many staff members are involved in delivering services?
There are 27 staff members in the Tax Department.

How does our community and/or organization benefit from these services?
Catawba County Tax Administration provides a large scale of data that the public can view when buying and selling property.  The taxes collected assist in funding the services such as parks and public safety for the citizens of Catawba County.

Please share anything unique or interesting about this program you would want people to know. 
The state of North Carolina determines the parameters counties must operate under to set tax values and administer Tax Relief Programs. The Tax Office staff in Catawba County works very hard to ensure that we are following guidelines and helping citizens to understand and work through the process.

Please share anything unique or interesting about this program you would want people to know. 

  • Functions of Catawba County Tax Administration:
  • Valuation and Billing of Personal (Examples: Boats/Motors, Mobile Homes, Un-tagged Motor Vehicles, Multi Year Tags) and Business Personal Property (Fun Fact: Fuel should be listed as a supply)
  • Public Utility Billing
  • Discovery Valuation and Billing
  • Motor Vehicle Valuation and Billing
  • Real Estate Valuation (Market Value) and Billing
  • Administration of statutory exemptions and exclusions (Elderly, Disabled, Disabled Veteran, Present Use Value (Farm Use)