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Residential Permit Process Information

The information on this page provides an overview of the general permitting process. Each project is unique and may have additional steps or requirements. For detailed information about a specific project that needs permitted or general permit questions, please contact the Permit Center at 828-465-8399.


The following are typically prerequisites for the most common construction permits. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of requirements. Please contact the Catawba County Permit Center at 828-465-8399 for information about a specific project.


  • Most building projects require zoning approval. Please contact the appropriate Planning Department to obtain zoning approval. We will need an approved zoning permit or a waiver letter from the zoning department before building permits can be issued.
Planning Department Phone Number Planning Department Phone Number
Catawba County(828) 465-8399Town of Brookford(828) 322-4903
City of Claremont(828) 466-7260Town of Catawba(828) 466-7260
City of Conover(828) 464-1191Town of Longview(828) 322-6165
City of Hickory(828) 323-7410Town of Maiden(828) 428-5034
City of Newton(828) 695-4326


  • SEPTIC & WELL: If the property has an existing septic and/or well or if you want to add a septic and/or well, please contact the Catawba County Environmental Health Department, (828) 465-8270 or to obtain the required approvals.
  • WATER & SEWER: Please contact the appropriate Planning Department (contact information above) to determine if the property receives water and sewer from that municipality.


  • Several forms and affidavits may be required prior to applying for a building permit. To determine which forms are required for your particular project, please contact the Catawba County Permit Center at 828-465-8399 or review the permit process details below.