Future Mountain Creek Park

Future Mountain Creek Park – Design Vision

Our Planning Consultant

The County has selected Wirth & Associates, Inc., Planners and Landscape Architects, as our lead design consultant for the master planning of Mountain Creek Park. Formed in 1994, Wirth & Associates specializes in park master planning and design services has completed master planning and implementation design for over 75 park facilities and over 30 miles of greenway and hiking trails.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Mr. Gary Wirth, principal of Wirth & Associates, will lead the design team of landscape architects, environmental consultants and civil engineers to help master plan the project. Mr. Wirth brings almost 40 years of planning experience in parks and recreation master planning services to the design team.

Our Park Vision

In addition to the conservations easements on the park land, the site has significant natural habitats and riparian corridors that should be preserved and enhanced. Ball fields, soccer fields and other heavy land disturbing recreational activities are not only prohibited by the conservation easements, they would do irreparable damage to the significant habitat areas and forests throughout the property.

We envision Mountain Creek Park as a destination nature park with miles of hiking and biking trails, nature themed activities, educational opportunities and wildlife observation. Picnic facilities, primitive camping, canoe/kayak portages and fishing piers will take advantage of the Lake Norman water frontage.

The final program for park activities will be determined through a series of public input forums and interaction with the County Park and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Board of County Commissioners. Please come back often to this website and our Facebook page for updates on the project planning and important dates for community input and plan reviews.

The public input gathering sessions have taken place, and consultant Gary Wirth is working on the final plans.

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