Animal Nuisance

A nuisance is any act of an animal or its owner which disturbs the rights and privileges common to the public or the enjoyment of private property. The following acts are evidence of a nuisance:

  • Turns over garbage containers or removes garbage from them.
  • Damages gardens, foliage, or personal property.
  • Is maintained in an unsanitary condition so as to be offensive to sight or smell.
  • Is not confined to a building or secure enclosure while in heat.
  • Chases, snaps at, attacks, or molests pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle passengers, farm stock, or domestic animals.
  • Is a dangerous animal as determined by the Animal Services Officer.
  • Is diseased or dangerous to the health of the public.
  • Is housed or restrained less than 15 feet from a public street, road, or sidewalk, and at the discretion of the Animal Services Officer, possess a threat to the general safety of the public.

For more information on animal nuisance, see Animal Services Ordinances. To report an instance of animal nuisance, contact Animal Services at (828) 466-6814.

In compliance with Article IV Section 6-71 of the Catawba County Animal Services Ordinance a citizen reporting a nuisance violation must submit a written, detailed and signed complaint prior to an animal control officer investigating the nuisance. The below form may be completed and submitted electronically to ( or faxed to (828-465-8918).

Nuisance Complaint Form