Impoundment of Animals

The following animals may be impounded and taken to the animal shelter by an Animal Services Officer:

  • Any dog or cat without a current rabies tag attached to it.
  • Any stray dog or cat.
  • Any dog found running at large if the dog has committed an act of public nuisance as determined by an Animal Services Officer.
  • Any animal subject to impoundment under any other applicable ordinance or state law.

Immediately upon impounding an animal, an Animal Services Officer will make a reasonable effort to notify the owner and inform them of the conditions which the animal may be redeemed. The owner of an impounded animal will have a minimum period of three working days for redemption, and the owner must pay a $50 impoundment transportation fee in order to redeem his or her animal. Additional fees may be required at the time an impounded animal is reclaimed.

For more information on the impoundment of animals, see the County’s Animal Services Ordinances.