Catawba County Comprehensive Plan

The following links are provided to view the Draft Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Maps:

Comprehensive Plan Highlights
Comprehensive Plan Executive Summary
Comprehensive Plan - Full Draft
The following is included in the Plan Draft:

  • County-wide Zoning Land Use Maps
  • Balls Creek/Catawba/Mountain View Small Area Land Use Maps
  • Plateau/Sherrills Ford/St. Stephens/Oxford/Startown Small Area Land Use Maps

What do you want Catawba County to look like in 20 years?

A comprehensive plan is the County’s road map for meeting the community’s long-term vision for the future. The plan is developed with community input on how land is used, infrastructure needed to support land use, and key community services and amenities. A successful plan guides growth and addresses community priorities through a series of defined goals, policies, and action steps.

The Catawba County Comprehensive Plan process is currently underway. The Plan will establish a vision for the unincorporated areas of Catawba County based on an analysis of present and future needs. Pertinent information from the County’s Small Area Plans and Corridor Plans will be incorporated. When completed, the Plan will be presented for approval by the Board of Commissioners.

Some of the topics that will be addressed in the Catawba County Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Water & Sewer
  • Economic Development
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Natural Resources

Development of the Plan is guided by a citizen-based steering committee with input from county residents and technical staff. The committee’s role is to help ensure the final Plan reflects the long-range vision of all county residents by gathering and considering public input, reviewing relevant information, evaluating policy recommendations and priorities, and informing action steps.

Public input is a major component of the Catawba County Comprehensive Plan. All county residents are offered opportunities to share their views on topics such as:

  • What makes living in Catawba County unique? How can we keep our uniqueness and remain a vibrant, growing community?
  • What areas of unincorporated Catawba County are best suited for growth, and what should the growth look like?
  • As growth occurs, what priorities should be considered?
  • Where should utility (water & sewer) expansion be focused?
  • Are there areas that should be preserved or protected?

The public input process takes place in two phases. Phase I (Spring 2023) invited residents to provide their input at town hall meetings and through a survey. Phase 2 features drop-in public meetings for residents to see how their input is reflected in the plan.

Phase I: Community Input Meetings / COMPLETED

Phase I: Survey / CLOSED

Phase 2: Drop-In Public Meetings / CLOSED

Next Steps:
The final plan will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for review during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, April 15. The presentation will be accompanied by a public hearing. The meeting takes place at 7:00 p.m. in the Board of Commissioners Meeting Room (second floor) of the Catawba County Justice Center, located at 100 Government Drive in Newton (on the Catawba County Government Center campus).

Additional Plans