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STEAM Workshop: Balloons

STEAM Workshop: Balloons

Published: May 16, 2019

Who doesn’t love balloons? Filled with air, they mean birthdays and celebrations; filled with water, they mean summertime fun; and filled with helium, they’re a sure source of Munchkin-voiced entertainment!

At our upcoming STEAM workshop, we’ll look at balloons in a different way as we use them to explore science concepts and put them to the test. For example, we’ll talk about what makes balloons stretchy, and we’ll consider how they change according to what is put in them (like air, water, or helium!).

As we tackle the physics and the durability of balloons, we’ll also create a balloon tower together and see how spectacular we can make it. We’ll try to keep any balloon pops to a minimum!

If you’d like for your student to participate in the hands-on workshop, we’ll meet at 10 am on Saturday, May 18 at the Maiden Branch Library. The class is designed for children 7 to 13.