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Let Us Help With Your Devices

Let Us Help With Your Devices

Published: December 20, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Lots of people want technology for gifts, but once the present is unwrapped, figuring out how to operate it can be more of a challenge than expected. How does the Cloud work? How do I connect my device to other devices, and how do I get the Internet on it? How do I get apps?

If that’s your predicament – or if you worry that it will be – just know that the Library staff are ready and willing to provide support. Simply give us a call and set aside some time to sit with us. We’ll determine what’s at issue, look into resolving it, and get you active and engaged in short order. And don’t fear that your question is simple or stupid or whatever. We understand that technology doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and our goal is to get you dialed in and involved.

We may even turn you on to lots of electronic resources that come free with your library card. A tablet or a smartphone is great, but don’t you want to download your favorite magazines, read a book no matter where you are, or enjoy music or movies at your convenience? Once we share a few tips, you’ll be a pro, no matter how you choose to define that set of abilities!

Any branch is available to help. Simply check our list of locations to find the one nearest you!