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Kick It With Hip-Hop Fitness

Kick It With Hip-Hop Fitness

Published: July 25, 2018

A familiar adage claims that you’ll stick to the type of exercise you enjoy most. At the Library, we believe that getting your cardio up through dance workouts is one of the most entertaining ways to increase your level of fitness. Exercise through dancing also helps you develop coordination, rhythm, and endurance.

This week, we’re inviting teens to come out for a hip-hop fitness class. We’ve added choreography and set routines to popular songs, giving you the opportunity to connect music to movement. Not only will you be able to mimic the steps while you're in the class, but the hope is that you’ll commit the sequences to memory and continue this fun fitness program at home.

Thanks to energetic music, the routines are guaranteed to make you sweat, so be prepared to exert yourself! There’s also no expectation that everyone has to have dance experience beforehand or has to perform at the same level. Take it at your own pace, and just enjoy moving and singing along! We’re getting people off the sofa, not rehearsing for America’s Got Talent!

The class takes place Monday, July 30 at 6 pm at the St. Stephens Branch Library. It’s open to young people 12 years and older. Please note: Parental permission and signature are required for teens younger than 18.