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Children's Battle of the Books

Children's Battle of the Books

Published: January 30, 2019

Are you interested in encouraging your child to read more? Would a little good-natured but inclusive competition help the cause?

The Library is hosting an introduction to the Elementary Battle of the Books (BOB) challenge, a program that offers children of all ability levels the opportunity to read a variety of styles and authors. After (or as) they read, a game format lets kids form teams and test their memory and understanding of the list of books. Although points are tallied, the primary intent is always to promote reading, not just to win.

All children who are interested are invited to participate. They do not have to be part of a school-sanctioned team, although team members can get in some great practice as well, and they don’t have to be stellar readers already. The goal is to develop reading skills and to discover a real joy in exploring books through storyline, character, and language.

At our upcoming session, we’ll explain how things work and let participants try their hand in a mock battle. Kids don’t have to have read all of the listed books to join in. We just want them to get a feel for how things work so they can feel comfortable with the Battle of the Books format.

All students 4th through 6th grades, including home-schooled students, are welcome to attend, and Battle of the Books is a lot of fun! The introductory session takes place at 6 pm on Tuesday, February 5 at the Conover Branch Library. For more background, visit the North Carolina School Library Media Association.