Catawba County Employee Spotlight

Tyler Garrison

Tyler Garrison

Department:  Library

Tell us about your running.  What do you like about it?
I like running because it’s something I can easily do at any time.  It’s pretty amazing just how far a good pair of running shoes can take you.  I’ve always had an internal desire to challenge myself and running provides the opportunity to do so.  For me, running is a very efficient form of cardio exercise and has become a straightforward way to get some health benefits.  Additionally, running has become way for me to reduce stress, which in turn helps myself and others.  

When did you get started?  What inspired you to start?
I’ve only been consistently running for about five years.  Actually, what got me started was a case of the “winter blues.”   Fortunately, that particular winter was warmer than average and I thought going for a jog/run would be a way to help me regain focus.  So the next day, I packed some running apparel and decided to use my lunch break to introduce this new running adventure.  Honestly, during my first run the only thing I could focus on was not passing out. The majority of that first time run ended up being more of a slow jog or maybe even a fast walk.  I took that experience and turned it into a challenge and slowly worked up to a pace that was satisfactory.  Five years later, I very much look forward to what I call my lunchtime run.

Do you have a favorite place or route you like to run?
My favorite place to run is Newton which is in close proximity to where I work.  I end up running about three miles through the town and some of the residential areas.  It feels safe and the scenery is very pleasant.  I’d be willing to advocate that Newton is a runner friendly place.  Yes, sometime around noon, in the cold, the heat and recently the rain, I’m most likely that guy running through town.

Any fun or interesting stories you’d like to share about your running?   
Recently I was visiting a local bank in Newton, and this lady said “we see you all the time running through town.”  Come to find out, she works at a local pizza restaurant in Newton.  I told her that the restaurant always smells great as I make my way through that particular stretch.  She said “feel free to stop in any time and have the salad bar.”  Truth be known, I could probably handle a large pizza too.  Another interesting running story happened summer before last.  I was making my way down South Brady Street and all of a sudden a deer ran across the street several feet in front of me.  My adrenaline spiked to the point that I had to slow my pace in order to recover from that unexpected encounter.