Catawba County Employee Spotlight

Reid Goforth

Reid Goforth

Department:  Utilities and Engineering 

Tell us about your farming.  What do you enjoy about it?
First, let me say farming is a hard job and can be quite frustrating at times like when a cow is having trouble calving in the middle of a snow storm; not fun. But the flip side of that is seeing what God has created when that calf gets its first milk and over the next week or so that calf is running all around kicking up its heels. Or sun setting on a freshly mowed field of hay.  Being outside seeing God’s creation is just amazing and you just can’t get that inside a building. There are some other perks as well - you can’t hear the phone ring when you are on the tractor.      

How and when did you get started? 
I got the taste for farming from my Dad as a young boy. My Dad worked in the furniture industry by day and farmed in the evenings and on weekends. I was given chores to do on the farm and it taught me the meaning of hard work and the sense of taking pride in your work. In 1988 I moved into a house I built on the farm of my grandfather's who I never got the chance to meet. I helped my Dad farm that farm and his own about five miles away until around 2001. I took over my grandfather’s farm then on my own and I now maintain around 20 head of beef cattle and farm around 75 acres of hayfields to the present. My Dad still farms at 81 and we help each other to maintain our farms as well as help from my son and my wife.

Any fun or interesting stories you’d like to share about your farming?   
You would think in 53 years I would have seen a lot of calves actually being born but I have only witnessed two or three. But believe it or not, it’s almost as exciting as seeing your child’s birth.  Watching the amazing process and instincts of the cow to clean its calf and protect it and the calf's instincts of getting up on those wobbly legs to get its first milk is an amazing sight to see and experience.