Catawba County Employee Spotlight

Debra Bechtel

Debra Bechtel

County Manager’s Office

Tell us about card-making.  What do you like about it?
The work I do for the County can be very stressful.  Card-making is one of the few things I’ve found where my focus is such I don’t think about anything else so it’s a great stress reliever.  I also like the creativity associated with designing cards.

When did you get started?  What inspired you to start?
For a number of years my mother was living in London and our family was fortunate to be able to visit her.  I took many pictures and wanted to preserve them in a way our son would remember those trips.  I knew nothing about scrapbooking but put one together anyway using items I found at a local craft store.  Shortly after that first scrapbook I learned from some attorneys I knew about scrapbooking, card making, classes, materials and “crops” which are day long events associated with scrapbooking and card making, and raise money for various charities.

Any fun or interesting stories you’d like to share about your card-making?   
As I accumulated stamp sets, paper and embellishments, (and I’ve accumulated a lot!), I decided I could take an enjoyable activity and do something for the County’s United Way Campaign.  I started with a card rack in the Government Center two years ago and last month a second one was located at Public Health.  I pay for all the supplies so all the money goes to United Way.  In two years over $2,000 has been contributed to the County’s United Way campaign.

Special requests are particularly enjoyable.  I’ve done special wedding cards, invitations, patriotic themed cards for Board of Elections and a very special Mother’s Day card for an employee whose mother was terminally ill.  I’ve also done a couple of classes for employees.

My niece is a freshman in college and I send her a handmade card every week.  It’s been a fun way for us to stay in touch in, which in today’s world of technology, is a “non-traditional” way – Snail Mail.  And yes, I have a stamp for that.