Submitting a Plan for Review

Before commencing construction or renovation of a restaurant or any other facility selling food to the public, meat market, school building or lunchroom (public or private, including colleges), commissary, elderly nutrition site, sport concession stand, hotel, motel, bed and breakfast home or inn, summer camp, rest or nursing home, hospital, child day care facility, migrant housing facility, residential care, jail, orphanage, children's home or similar facility, swimming pool or spa (except single-family private residences), or tattoo parlor, plans must be submitted for review and approval by the Catawba County Environmental Health Department. See flyer listing establishments requiring plan review and the applications required.

All plans submitted must be accompanied by the Contact Information for Plan Review sheet.

In addition to the Plan Review listed above, submit the following as applicable:
When applying to construct or renovate a facility serving food to the public, a Foodservice Plan review Application and a fee, (fee schedule) payable to Catawba County, must accompany the application package to begin the plan review process.

When applying for a Temporary Food Stand permit for a fair, festival, or public exhibition, this application must be submitted no less than one week before your first date of operation. There is currently a fee for this permit. See details.

If you are considering operating a Mobile Food Unit to vend food in Catawba County, read this important information. There is also a brochure in Spanish.

If you are considering operating a Temporary Food Stand to vend food in Catawba County, read this important information. There is also a brochure in Spanish.

The Plan Review Section of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources has produced a set of guidelines for design, construction and installation for foodservice establishments in North Carolina that you may find useful in preparing your plans for submission to the Environmental Health Division .

The address for delivery of plans and application packages is:
Catawba County Environmental Health Division
25 Government Drive
(PO Box 389 for USPS delivery)
Newton, NC 28658
ATTN: Scott Carpenter