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Teen Share: Graphic Novels

Teen Share: Graphic Novels

Published: September 04, 2018

As we pack more and more into our days, we’re finding ways to digest books and text in ever-more efficient methods. One of the ways that’s manifested itself in younger generations is the preponderance of graphic novels.

These image-heavy publications are not equivalent to comic books, as many fans would have you know. Comics are regularly-released serials with a focus on action, while graphic novels spend more time on character development and plot, within a self-contained publication. Comics are also typically saddle-stitched with staples holding the newsprint pages together, while graphic novels are often bound book-style with higher-quality paper.

A Japanese form of comics is called manga. These illustration-based publications are typically produced in black and white rather than color, and they’re read from right to left. They’ve gained a prominent following around the world as readers look to other cultures for insight and innovation.

To bring teens together, we’re inviting them to bring a favorite graphic novel to our upcoming session and share it with the group. Participants can enjoy the book for its graphic expertise, its storytelling, its connection to things they’re going through, or any manner of pleasure it brings them.

After we’ve talked about our fascination with graphic novels, we’ll also create our own graphic novel buttons, so a portion of the session will be about public conversation, followed by more intimate discussions. No matter why you love illustration, come share that affection with other folks in the area!

The gathering takes place Friday, September 14 at 4:30 pm at the Conover Branch Library.