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Seventh Case of Rabies Confirmed in Catawba County

Seventh Case of Rabies Confirmed in Catawba County

Published: July 25, 2018

Catawba County has confirmed the seventh case of rabies in the county this year. Previous cases reported this year by Catawba County Animal Services occurred in Maiden, Vale, Newton, and Hickory.

On July 20, Catawba County Animal Services responded to a call from a Sherrills Ford resident whose cat had an altercation with a skunk exhibiting abnormal behavior. The skunk was sent to the North Carolina Public Health Laboratory in Raleigh, which notified Catawba County July 24 that the skunk tested positive for rabies.

The cat was current on its rabies vaccine and received a rabies booster shortly after the incident occurred. Per state vaccination guidelines, animals current on their rabies vaccine should receive a rabies booster within 96 hours of possible rabies exposure.

Animal Services reminds pet owners that rabies is still present in the local wild animal population and is a threat to pets and humans year-round. Signs that an animal may be infected with rabies include loss of appetite, irritability and unusual aggression, lack of fear and restlessness, dilated pupils, seizures, trembling and unsteadiness, difficulty swallowing, and drooling or foaming at the mouth. The best way to protect pets from rabies is to have them properly vaccinated for rabies.

For more information, call Catawba County Animal Services at (828) 464-7686.