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Chasing the Moon: Sneak Peek

Chasing the Moon: Sneak Peek

Published: June 20, 2019

The Library’s 2019 Summer Learning program commemorates the first moon landing 50 years ago. In recent months, people and organizations have been looking back at the nearly-incredible feat and remembering the national pride, technological achievements, and can-do spirit that accompanied the mission.

In honor of the anniversary, PBS will soon be premiering an American Experience three-part series called Chasing the Moon, and the Library has been selected to host a sneak preview of the documentary. We’ll be actively remembering the journey that defined a generation!

In addition to catching a glimpse of the upcoming series, attendees will be encouraged to share their memories of the 1969 moon landing – from where they were when it happened to how they felt as the universe became just a bit more accessible.

We’ll also indulge ourselves with some retro refreshments at an astronaut-themed ice cream social. Guests can try a sip of Tang, the orange beverage served on many early space flights, and enjoy Dippin’ Dots, which isn’t exactly the freeze-dried ice cream that astronauts ate but feels suitably otherworldly!

The program takes place at 6 pm on Thursday, June 27 at the Main Library in Newton.