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Career-Builder Classes

Career-Builder Classes

Published: April 10, 2018

Do you ever think that technology is getting the best of you – or that your work-related skillset could use a boost? If that’s the case, remember that the library is one of your best resources for building job skills and finding work. Each month, the library offers classes on different programs that can help you stay current and give you an added dose of confidence!

This week, we’re offering both introductory and advanced sessions at our Main Library in Newton, but there’s always a mix available, so keep an eye on our newsletters for what makes sense for your own needs.

On April 17 at 11 am, we’re tackling the sorting and filtering tools in Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet program is invaluable if you’re keeping track of finances, trying to organize products and inventory, or even maintaining a list of clients or contacts. Once you’ve grasped the basics at an earlier class, we’ll help you with these next steps, which allow you to sort and filter data and make you more efficient in finding the information you need.

On April 18 at 11 am, we’re digging deeper into Microsoft Word, which lets you write letters, create resumés, or just compile your thoughts in an easy-to-edit format. Our advanced session teaches you how to use mail merge so that you can take names from a list and create mailing labels, print envelopes, and customize each letter when you’re sending out a lot of them. It also teaches you how to add and manipulate images so that you can make any document more visually appealing, and it teaches you how to make comments and track changes in an existing document, so that you can update and revise letters and reports in a clear, concise way.

On April 19 at 11 am, we’re providing a ‘from the beginning’ class on Microsoft Publisher. This software offers more design and layout capabilities than Word, meaning you can create flyers and newsletters that make your work and your company stand out. In this particular session, we’re concentrating on how to make business cards so that you can have more input into the look and feel – and costs! – of promoting yourself.

All of these classes are small in size and offer personal input, so you don’t have to feel intimidated by what you don’t know and what everyone else might know. The library’s goal is to get you better equipped to succeed, so we make it convenient for you to get the training you need when you need it.

Beyond these in-person classes, the library offers a wealth of online resources as well, including prep and certification classes. Check out an overview, and ask any staff member for more details!