Solid Waste

The Solid Waste division operates and maintains the Blackburn Landfill and the Landfill Gas to Energy program, and provides educational outreach about recycling and waste reduction throughout the County.

Contact Us

Landfill Operations
Administrative Supervisor: Beverly Hester
Landfill Supervisor: Rodney Hamby

(704) 462-1348
(704) 462-1348
Solid Waste and Recycling Education
Waste Reduction Coordinator: Amanda Kain

(828) 465-8217

Setting a Billing/Charge Account

Complete the credit application for a commercial account and return it either in person to the Blackburn Landfill Office located on 4017 Rocky Ford Rd in Newton, fax it to (704) 462-4366, or email it to or The office will contact you when the account is approved or disapproved

Please be advised that the Catawba County Landfill will be closed the following days during 2018 for both commercial and general users:

Blackburn Sanitary Landfill

New Years Day
Independence Day

January 1, 2018
July 4, 2018
November 22, 2018
December 24, 2018
December 25, 2018

Monday (Closing at 12:00 pm)

Blackburn Construction and Demolition Landfill

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day


January 1, 2018 (Monday)
January 15, 2018 (Monday)
March 30, 2018 (Friday)
May 28, 2018 (Monday)
July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)
September 3, 2018 (Monday)
November 22, 2018 (Thursday)
November 23, 2018 (Friday)
December 24, 2018 (Monday)
December 25, 2018 (Tuesday)
December 26, 2018 (Wednesday)

NOTE: If the Sanitary Landfill is used when the Construction and Demolition Landfill is closed, users will be charged Sanitary Landfill Fees. No Exceptions.