Catawba County Offices, Libraries, and Blackburn Landfill and Convenience Centers will be closed Thursday, July 4th.
All County Parks will remain open for your enjoyment.

Plan Review

Provides plan review for commercial projects to ensure code compliance with the North Carolina Building Codes, conducts on-site safety inspections for Temporary Events, provides plan review services based on State Local Option Plan Review guidelines and conducts express plan reviews by appointment. "Counter" reviews will be completed on Duplexes for tenant separation unless the complexity of the separation requires a full plan review. Townhouses require a full plan review.

This site will allow you to look up permit applications, schedule inspections, research property information, access code case information, and review plan submissions. You do not need an account to view or search record information, although any submissions requires an account to be created with the county.

Access the Citizen Access Portal

Laura Rooks
Plan Review Supervisor
Office: (828) 465-7953
Mobile: (828) 312-5725

Russell Ehrhart
Building Services Official III
Office: (828) 465-8376
Mobile: (828) 639-3141

Ciejae Abee
Plans Facilitator
Building Services Official I
Office: (828) 465-7961
Mobile: (828) 228-9479

Damon White
Building Services Official II
Office: (828) 465-7952
Mobile: (828) 639-9742