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Home & Community Based Services

This program provides care and supervision, community integration and stimulating activities to elderly or disabled adults as an option to placement, allowing caregivers to work and providing them respite. Our staff also certify and monitor Adult Day Care/Day Health programs in Catawba County.

Individual Eligibility Requirements: Any disabled or aging adult (age 18 years of age or older) needing adult day care and adult day health services. Adult must have an impairment that prohibits him or her from living an independent life style without supportive services, and must be at risk of being institutionalized.

Costs: Personal Funds & Block Grants

Where & How to Apply:
Hickory: (828) 324-1313
Conover: (828) 464-0078
Maiden: (828) 428-9010

Contact: Adult Day Care Coordinator, (828) 695-5620

This is a Medicaid program in which a variety of in-home and community services provide an alternative to nursing home placement for the elderly or disabled adult.

Individual Eligibility Requirements: Individual must be receiving Medicaid. CAP/DA clients must need the same level of care as someone in a nursing home.

Contact: Catawba County Social Services, (828) 695-5609

This program provides personal care services to enable clients to remain in their home and to achieve or maintain a level of self-sufficiency. Referrals to this program may be made by social workers, family members, physicians, friends, or other service providers.

Individual Eligibility Requirements: Individuals 18 years of age or older who need assistance with personal care and home management tasks such as laundry, housecleaning, grocery shopping, etc., in order to remain at home.

Information Needed to Apply: Individuals will need to provide an address, social security number, and date of birth.

Costs: Client Donations

Contact: Catawba County Social Services, (828) 695-5609

This program helps visually impaired individuals with eye certification, adjustment with self-independence, orientation, mobility, and counseling services to ensure total integration into the environment and community.

Individual Eligibility Requirements: Services are based on individual income and visual impairment for chore and special assistance; on individual income for medical eye care; and on visual impairment for all other services.

Information Needed to Apply: Individuals will need to present an eye report from eye provider, address, date of birth, social security card, and proof of citizenship or green card.

Contact: Catawba County Social Services’ Social Worker for the Blind, (828) 695-5605

This program provides an alternative to placement in an ACH for individuals who could live at home safely with additional support services and income. The program provides a cash supplement to help low income individuals who are at risk of entering an Adult Care Home (ACH) and who would like to remain at home. The program can help with living expenses such as food, shelter, clothing and other daily necessities.

Individual Eligibility Requirements: This program is for Medicaid-eligible individuals with incomes at or below 100% of the federal poverty level, who meet all other eligibility criteria for Special Assistance, and are financially eligible for Special Assistance payments in in-home living arrangements. Individuals must be at minimum age 18, have a doctor's verification of need for ACH or group home care, have a desire to remain (or return) to their home*, and must be a resident of a county providing SA/IH, US Citizen or Qualified Alien.

The current federal poverty level is $908 and is normally adjusted in April. This income level (needs standard) is lower than the income level for individuals receiving Special Assistance in adult care homes, and financial assistance is also less.
*Current ACH residents may apply and return to their homes if approved.

Cost: No cost to the recipient, but the supplemental income received from this program may affect Food & Nutrition Services allotments.

Contact: Catawba County Social Services, (828) 695-5609