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  • Sheriff Coy Reid
  • (828) 464-5241
  • Main Location:P.O. Box 385100 Government Drive., Building E Newton, NC 28658
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Are You OK?

Are You OK? (R-U-O-K?)

Are You OK? is a computerized telephone program provided by the Catawba County Sheriff's Office to older adults and anyone who is disabled, handicapped or homebound in Catawba County.

On the days and times you choose, a computer automatically dials your number and waits for an answer. When you answer the telephone, you will hear a pre-recorded message. Once you speak, the computer assumes you are OK and the call is completed.

If you can’t answer the telephone immediately, the computer will redial your number. If you do not respond to the second call, an alarm goes off and the dispatcher will call whomever you designated as a contact person. If that person can’t be reached, a Deputy from the Catawba County Sheriff's Office will be sent to check on you.

There is no cost to participate in the program. Sign up online by clicking the blue button below:

Enroll Online

Or you may print and complete an application and mail it to Lieutenant J.P. Helton, PO Box 385, Newton, NC 28658.

Call (828) 464-4639, (828) 465-8299, (828) 465-8278