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  • Sheriff Coy Reid
  • (828) 464-5241
  • Main Location:P.O. Box 385100 Government Drive., Building E Newton, NC 28658
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The Warrants Division serves warrants, criminal summons and show cause orders. Captain Beebe is commander of this division and may be reached at (828) 465-8337.

A warrant is an official authorization which gives the power for law enforcement officials to engage in an activity. A warrant can be for an arrest of a suspected individual, searching of premises, or bringing an individual to court. A summons, on the other hand, is an official request made by a court for an individual to be present on a specific date and time to inquire after charges that have been made. The main difference between a summons and a warrant is that while a warrant gives authority for law enforcement officials to perform an action, a summons requests the individual to be present for an inquiry. If an individual ignores a summons, the next step would be the issuance of a warrant.

A show cause order may be issued for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay child support.
  • Failure to pay alimony.
  • Failure to comply with custody or visitation directives.
  • Failure to produce documents required in a Court Order.
  • Failure to do anything required by a Court Order.