Claremont Library is closed through Saturday, May 25 due to A/C issues.
County Offices, Libraries, and Blackburn Construction/Demo Landfill are closed Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day.
Blackburn Sanitary Landfill, Convenience Centers and Catawba County Parks will be open.


Court deputies, knowns as Bailiffs, are responsible for the security and safety of the Courts in the Catawba County Justice Center. There are as many as eight different courts in session at one time, including Superior Civil & Criminal, District Civil & Criminal, Small Claim Courts, Infractions Court, Domestic Violence Court, Juvenile Court and Special Proceedings Court. Please note: There are no weapons of any kind permitted in the Justice Center. Additionally, cell phone use is not allowed in the court rooms. Anyone caught using a cell phone will have the phone seized and could face up to 30 days in jail.

Lt. Nathan Fisher is over the Courts Division and can be reached at 828-695-6182 or at

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