Claremont Library is closed through Saturday, May 25 due to A/C issues.
County Offices, Libraries, and Blackburn Construction/Demo Landfill are closed Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day.
Blackburn Sanitary Landfill, Convenience Centers and Catawba County Parks will be open.


The Civil Division serves all civil process papers that are issued by the courts to address civil issues, such as divorces, domestic violence orders, child custody, taking property and returning it to the rightful owners, selling property to satisfy judgements, restraining orders, arrest orders, and many other related matters. These duties include receiving and accounting for all monies and fees collected as a result of civil actions.

The Civil Division handles many landlord and tenant disputes and must abide by the laws set forth by the North Carolina general assembly. Please click for landlord/tenant laws.

Civil Process papers can be mailed or hand delivered to the Catawba County Sheriff's Office. Fees for service of a Civil Process are $30.00 (in state) and $50.00 (out of state) per paper served. There will be a fee of $1.00 for ejectment and writ of real property envelopes if they are not provided.

If you have any questions, you may reach Maneka Glover, Civil Secretary, at (828) 465-8320 or Lt. Mike Bumgarner at (828) 465-8393

Civil Process Report