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One Stop Early Voting Locations

Catawba County has 5 designated One-Stop Early Voting Locations. These locations open on the Thursday 3 weeks before the election and close at 1pm the Saturday before the election. Curbside Voting is available for elderly or disabled voters at all sites. Only a select few One-Stop locations are open during Municipal elections (odd-numbered years).

Yes. If you are a resident of Catawba County and meet the voting criteria, you may vote at any of the locations that are open. Please note that on election day, state law requires that you vote only at your designated precinct’s polling location.

If you have not registered to vote in Catawba County, you may still register and vote at a One-Stop Early Voting location if you have been a resident 30 days before the election. One-stop voting ends at 1pm the Saturday before each election. You will be required to show proof of residency when you register and vote at a One-Stop.

Yes. Anyone that is physically disabled may vote Curbside.

Pull into a Curbside parking space. A One-Stop Worker will come out to your vehicle to check you in and then bring you a ballot if you are eligible. Curbside Voting is only available to those taking an oath and swearing (or affirming) that “because of age or physical disability” they cannot enter the polling facility. Anyone accompanying the curbside voter who wishes to vote is required to vote inside (unless they, too, meet the curbside oath criteria).

Other voting options available for voters in North Carolina:

  • By Mail: Anyone may request an Absentee By Mail ballot
  • Election Day: Curbside voting is available at all precincts on Election Day.