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  • Main Location:PO Box 13225 Government Drive Newton, NC 28658
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Election Day Polling Locations

Catawba County has 40 designated Precinct Polling Locations. These locations are open only on Election Day. (Not all are open for Municipal Elections.) Election Day hours are 6:30AM to 7:30PM. Curbside Voting is available for elderly or disabled voters at all sites.

Where do I vote? Enter an address to locate the assigned Election Day Polling Place. (This tool does not verify that you are a registered voter.)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are registered to vote in Catawba and have moved within the county, you may change your name, residential address and mailing address when you present to vote.

No (unless you moved to Catawba County less than 30 days before the election). If you moved from a different county more than 30 days before the election and have not re-registered in your new county, you are not legally registered to vote in the state of North Carolina. NCGS § 163-57 (4)

Voting on Election Day

At what address am I currently registered? Use the State BOE's search tool

I moved within Catawba County…

Where do I vote?

  • MORE than 30 days before the election

Vote at the polling location for your NEW address

  • LESS than 30 days before the election

Vote at the polling location for your OLD address

I moved FROM another county to Catawba…

Where do I vote?
  • MORE than 30 days before the election

You must register in Catawba County by 25 days before the election. If you fail to do so, you are not registered to vote on Election Day.

However, you could have registered and voted at a
One-Stop early voting location.

  • LESS than 30 days before the election

You should return to your old county to vote.

Find the polling location for a specific Catawba County address.

For more information see NC General Statute § 163-57. Residence defined for registration and voting.

Call the BOE Office at 828-464-2424 and we will gladly tell you which precinct location you should go to vote on election day and answer any questions.
You may also vote and make changes at any one-stop early voting location.

Most likely not, but…
New voters are asked to provide an ID number on their registration form (either a NC driver’s license number or the last 4 digits of their Social Security number). If these are not provided or cannot be verified, the voter will be asked to show a photo ID (NCDL, Permit, DMV ID, or US Passport) showing their name and photo, or other document showing their name and residential address:

  • Current utility bill (electric, phone, water, cable)
  • Bank statement
  • Government Check
  • Paycheck
  • or Other Government Document.

Several voting options are available for voters in North Carolina:

  • By Mail: Anyone may request an Absentee By Mail ballot
  • Early Voting: Pull into a Curbside parking space. A One-Stop Worker will come out to your vehicle to check you in and then bring you a ballot if you are eligible*. Locations
  • Election Day: Pull into a Curbside parking space. A Poll Worker will come out to your vehicle to check you in and then bring you a ballot if you are eligible*.

*Note: Curbside Voting is only available to those taking an oath and swearing (or affirming) that “because of age or physical disability” they cannot enter the polling facility. Anyone accompanying the elderly or disabled curbside voter who wishes to vote is required to vote inside (unless they, too, meet the curbside oath criteria).

Voters with a disability or difficulty reading (due to language ability, vision, etc.) can ask for assistance from any person of their choice (except an agent of their employer or union). The assistant may not tell them who to vote for but should read (or translate) the ballot to them in its entirety.

If the election officials cannot find your name on record or if there is any other problem, you have the right to receive a “Provisional Ballot.” After completing paperwork, you vote a paper ballot and seal it inside an envelope. You will be given an instruction sheet with PIN number and a phone number or website to use (after the election) to check your Provisional Ballot status.

The Board of Elections office researches your registration history. If your eligibility to vote is verified, your ballot will be counted like a regular ballot and will be included in the official numbers on Canvass.