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  • Amanda Duncan, Director
  • (828) 464-2424
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  • Main Location:PO Box 13225 Government Drive Newton, NC 28658
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Registered Voters

Catawba Co VotersNorth Carolina Voters
Democratic25,9032,650,721Catawba County
Libertarian40934,807155,056 (2015)
Total Voters102,8666,869,598
Updated Mar 3, 2018

Registered Voter Statistics (Updated Mar 3, 2018)

For a downloadable list of registered Catawba County voters, contact us with your Information Request. Ask for a link to the voter list.

You may also search statewide statistics at the NC State Board of Elections website.

On election day after polls close at 7:30pm, election results from Catawba County begin uploading to the state’s Election Results page.
The first numbers to post are Absentee Ballots by Mail and One-Stop Early Voting Ballots.

NCSBE Election Results

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The State Board of Elections has Online Interactive Results (2002 – Present) and Downloadable Results (1992 – Present).

To download a ZIP file containing a full list of registered voters, click here.